Quality Cheese

Woodbridge, Ontario

People think we’re nuts, and there may be a thin layer of truth to that allegation. We are the kind of people that will cry over spilt milk, we will pass out when we get home at the end of the day, and do it all over again the next, and we will continue to dream up new ideas as we slowly drift into sleep. We are the cream that rises to the top. From generation to generation, from continent to continent. We only know how to do things well. Call us crazy if you will. It doesn’t diminish us, or what we do. When you do something right, you don’t need seek praise and accolades.

At Quality Cheese, we fundamentally believe that our passion adds joy to your lives. From large parties and celebrations, to family gatherings and every day meals, we want to be there to help, and enhance your experience. We use the freshest milk and ingredients, we pay attention to every detail, and we use the best practices and techniques that are timeless. Our passion allows us to make great cheese. Please share our passion with us and enjoy.

Sample and purchase Quality Cheese offerings at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival. All told, there will be about 150 Canadian artisan and farmstead cheeses on offer, plus 200 specialty foods, plus small-batch wine, craft beer and cider, and spirits, too.


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May 15, 2017

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