Le Saladier

Merrickville, Ontario

When I pick up a piece of wood and start to turn it is most often the wood itself  decides the form it is going to take. I am simply the one that has the joy of bringing it to life. You see I have been turning wood for several years and still can’t believe how excited I get when I apply the first coat of finish. It is at this point that the turning comes to life. Before this, you get to see the form and some lines of character. But that first coat of finish Wow life begins again for that wood. The grain, all the character and colour that is in that piece of wood lights up. I love to see what I have made each and every time, each piece of wood is different. The same applies to cutting boards with the first coat of oil. The wood just sucks it in and starts to glow.



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February 23, 2017

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