The Great Canadian Cheese Festival
Cheese Awards Night Market – June 7, 2018
Cheese Awards Night Market – June 7, 2018


The Great Canadian Cheese Festival is the place to meet and talk with Canadian cheesemakers.

This year, TGCCF will welcome over 40 artisan cheesemakers from across the county. These folks eat, sleep and breath cheese of all kinds – hard and soft – fresh and aged – cow, sheep, goat and water buffalo. Not only will they be at the festival, they will be serving up the cheeses that make them proud. – the best cheese Canada has to offer.

Fromagerie Île-aux-Grues

CHEESEMAKER | Fromagerie Île-aux-Grues is a co-operative of five dairy farmers from Île-aux-Grues. Their goal is to preserve the agricultural heritage of the island, and the land itself. The island produces fresh, high-quality milk that is integral to the cheeses produced at the Fromagerie.

Quality Cheese

CHEESEMAKER William Borgo | We use the freshest milk and ingredients, we pay attention to every detail, and we use the best practices and techniques that are timeless. Our passion allows us to make great cheese. Please share our passion with us and enjoy.

Thornloe Cheese

CHEESEMAKER | Our secret to success is old-fashioned cheese making techniques and fresh milk produced in the unique agricultural area of Temiskaming.

Stonetown Cheese

CHEESEMAKER Raymond Eberle | The Weber family moved to Canada in 1996 to start their our own dairy farm. Having previously worked in the Swiss Alps, it was always their dream to produce delicious, high quality cheese reminiscent of the renowned Swiss Mountains and made from their own milk.

Bothwell Cheese

CHEESEMAKER | We are cheese people, deeply rooted in history and tradition. We’ve been crafting premium, all-natural, artisanal cheeses since 1936 in the village of New Bothwell, Manitoba.

Fromagerie Montebello

CHEESEMAKER Alain Boyer | Our cheese maker produces fresh cheese in three formats: curds, block and twists.

Cow’s Creamery

CHEESEMAKER Armand Bernard | Cow’s Creamery Extra Old Cheddar and Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar have won rave reviews and awards, with Avonlea taking 2016 Cheese Of The Year at the Canadian Cheese Awards.

Wilton Cheese Factory

CHEESEMAKER | The family tradition of artisan cheese manufacturing remains our primary focus at Wilton Cheese Factory.

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company

CHEESEMAKER | The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company is privately owned, environmentally and socially responsible enterprise producing fine hand made cheeses.

Back Forty Artisan Cheese

CHEESEMAKER Jeff Fenwick| Jeff hand crafts artisanal cheeses of the highest quality at Back Forty Artisan Cheese.

Crosswind Farm

CHEESEMAKER | The Crosswind cheesemakers produces two types of goat cheese – a creamy chevre and a mild feta.

Mariposa Dairy

CHEESEMAKER Pieter van Oudenaren | All of our goat and sheep milk cheeses are made in true “Celebrity” style. Animal rennet free, our 100% pure goat and sheep milk cheese is made exclusively from Ontario milk.

Ivanhoe Cheese

CHEESEMAKER | Ivanhoe Cheese Factory began as a small dairy cooperative in Ivanhoe, Ontario. For over a century, they specialized in artisan aged cheddar. In 1986, they expanded their palette with a variety of specialty cheeses.

Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese

CHEESEMAKER Shep Ysselstein | To ensure cheeses that are of top quality and taste, Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheeses are hand-crafted using traditional cheesemaking methods.

Fromagerie Nouvelle France

CHEESEMAKER Marie-Chantal Houde | In 2009, Jean-Paul and Marie-Chantal Houde, brother and sister decided to join forces to develop a sheep’s milk and cheese enterprise for the family farm.

Fromagerie du Presbytere

CHEESEMAKER Jean Morin | The cheesemakers in this former rectory take this milk of exceptional quality from the Louis D’Or farm, located across the street, and make it into the best cheeses available.

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