The Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking Awards, began at the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in 2015 and is the first-ever judging and competition for home cheesemakers. The mission is to recognize and honour the best in amateur cheesemaking and to provide encouragement and feedback to home cheesemakers.

The Competition takes place every TWO years and is open to home cheesemakers in Canada who are not, nor have applied to be, licensed, either provincially or federally, to sell cheese to the public.


Awards will be presented for best in each of five cheese categories with category winners in the running for Best of Show. Judging reports will be issued for each cheese entered.

Fresh Cheese • Bloomy Rind Cheese • Washed Rind Cheese • Blue Cheese • Firm Cheese.

Stay tuned for more on entry fees and deadlines.

2015 Canadian Amateur Cheesemaking AWARD WINNERS

with tasting notes by Ian Treuer

Best Washed Rind Cheese and Best of Show: Clover

Mira Schenkel of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, was born in Switzerland and immigrated with her husband, Uli, to Canada 18 years ago to farm and to raise a family.

Best Fresh Cheese: Curious Goat Chèvre

Elis Ziegler of Toronto and Jess Pos gate of Milton, Ontario, hope to start a farmstead cheese business one day with this wonderful, light cream cheese, a classic example of what a Chèvre should be. Perfect salt with hints of citrus round out the mild goat flavour.

Best Bloomy Rind Cheese: Camembert Type Cheese

Doreen and Pete Sullivan of Niagara Falls, Ontario, are retired educators who offer home cheesemaking instruction. They created this bloomy rind gem where a lovely white exterior gives way to a fudgy and creamy paste.

Best Blue Cheese: Feu

Suzanne Lavoie of Plantagenet, Ontario, was given a Jersey heifer called Yoga for her birthday. Curiosity and love of cheese led her to cheesemaking. Feu, a creamy blue cheese that is perfectly balanced, was a close contender for Best In Show.

Best Firm Cheese: Smoked Caciocavallo

John Michael Symmonds of Vancouver is a sous chef at West restaurant in Vancouver. He started his love affair with cheese and cheesemaking after a trip to Neil’s Yard Dairy in London, England. His Smoked Caciocavallo has a great balance of smoke and cheese, the smoke serving to accent the local B.C. milk used to make the cheese.

Competition co-ordinators were Ian Treuer and Jackie Armet, cheese coordinator of the annual Great Canadian Cheese Festival and the biennial Canadian Cheese Awards/Le Concours des fromages fins canadiens.

Fytozimus Bio Tech is Founding Sponsor of the Canadian AmateurCheesemaking Awards.